Born in the year 2000, I am not only a native to the generation that will become more and more relevant in the next decades, but also I am a native in understanding people, society, communication and international culture.

Experience with customers, interest in business, science and psychology. Travels both to the far east and west, make me the perfect partner for projects directed at a young globalized and connected audience.

Yes this site is unconventional but for my work I need to be deeply embedded in the Lifestyle and Zeitgeist of the generation we are observing.

With a background in photoghraphy, I understand visual communication and impression management. These are key skills to directly adress relevant audiences via the social media pathways.

In my current and ongoing studies in psychology I focus on social-network-embedded kognition and the flow of informations.

Since 2021 – Ongoing: Psychology B.Sc
– General Psych. I+II
– Social Psych. I+II
– Statistics I+II
– Data Analysis & Methodology
– Developmental psychology
– Personality psychology
WS2019-2021: Chemistry Studies (not graduated)
WS2018-2019: Business Studies (not graduated)
2018: German Abitur (English C1)

2021-Ongoing: Barkeeper at Liebefeld GbR
– Since 11.22 as Supervisor
2017-Ongoing: freelance photography & visual concept

– 2017: Stock Exchange Game SPK Koeln-Bonn 2. place in sustainability.
– 2016: Stock Exchange Game SPK Koeln-Bonn 3. place in general students ranking.
– 2016: DESY Students Workshop

— END —